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We are starting the new year dreaming high, trusting the Lord, declaring the 2016 as a year for victory!  Our hope is in  Jesus Christ!!!  Happy New year for all of you, may all your dreams come true!

See how we celebrated our city on December / Quito’s Independence day

We are starting the new year dreaming high, trusting the Lord, declaring the 2016 as a year for victory!  Our hope is in  Jesus Christ!!!  Happy New year for all of you, may all your dreams come true!

     Our students dressed up to

Celebrate 481 years of our city’s foundation

Our teachers and staff had their anual trip

For us, it is very important to work more than as a team, as a family.  Moments to share together are treasured and help to become 1 in Christ, in order to be ready to give the best to our students, to our community, and of course to Christ!  Everybody enjoyed God’s creation in Mindo, an unforgetable place, the house of birds, butterflies, flowers and many other wonders.

Our Chirstmas program

We had an unexpected big audience, since besides parents and of course our students, we had neighbors, grandparents, and many other relatives of our children.  We prepared very nice presentations that everybody enjoyed.  Our theme was:  Happy Birthday Jesus, and all of us had the opportunity to celebrate together such an important date as well as to remember the importance of shining for Christ, of keeping our light very bright!  We had 3 programs, with worship,  a short preaching with the goal of letting Christ born or live in everybody’s hearts, and ended the program with a song called:  Turn on a light in the darkness, everybody sang lighting a candle, the presence of the Lord was wonderfully felt!  What a way to celebrate Jesus birthday!!!

We are counting on you!  Please invite your family, Friends to join us in the funds collecting campaing through Go and Fund me.  Our students, and everybody in our staff, are praying hard in order to see this dream come true!  We were blessed to start the 2016 with wonderful donations and pray for more to come!  We all trust the Lord, since He is the owner of everything and our supplier!

Please keep sharing our Go and Fund Me on Facebook, use all social media you know to spread it everywhere.

Today, January 6th, we got the visit of a student who had to leave our school because we still can’t open highschool as the new building is unfinished.  She wants to come back to Amor y Esperanza, her testimony will be soon on our website! Her dream is to see the new school finished and to come back to our school to our family!



“18 Givethanks in allcircumstances; forthisisGod’swillforyou in ChristJesus”.  1 Thessalonians 5: 18


We all wish for you a wonderful Happy Thanks giving Day! May the Lord bless you richly!

Thanks for being part of the Amor y Esperanza family!

Thank you AAI for blessingus with Don Bursell’s free presentation

Alliance Acedemy International will bring to our school Don Bursell, on Monday, November 23, at 2pm.  Don B! is a high-energy, physical comedian, specializing in laughter!

His performances feature world- class juggling, illusions and unicycling combined with hilarious audience participation; A two-time National Unicycling Champion, Don B!'s talents have been show cased with the Ringling Brothers and Barnum& Bailey Circus, Disneyland, and Circus World.

Our students are super excited and we all feel so very blessed to have this opportunity that seem sun reachable, but so wonderful to Know “Nothing is impossible for God!”4


We need to raise funds for the new building!

We are counting on you!  Please invite your family, Friends to join us in the funds collecting campaign through this site!!!

Please share it on Facebook, use all social media you know to spread it everywhere.


Pictures that talk!


“Just because I can’t see the stars doesn’t mean I can’t reach for them”

We are back from SCIVIS Space Camp!  What a wonderful experience it was to be there!!  The word our student used the most while we were there was:  “SUPER”.  Everything was such an awesome adventure and experience, moments  we will treasure forever!

Besides being so close to the outer space,  oflearning more and more about it, going on missions, meeting incredible people, we got the chance of entering  the unknown world of blindness, and to see what we have never seen before.It was a privilege to work at the SCIVIS Space Camp and we hope to have the blessing of seeing this door opened to us again!

Pitty’s testimony as chaperone at SCIVIS:


I can’t explain in words how much the SCIVIS Space Camp meant to me.  Everything I experienced from morning to night is something I will treasure forever.

The fact of having the opportunity of helping children who are visually impaired,  opened my eyes to an unknown world that needs to be understood and respected all over the world.  What a privilege and honor it was to work with my team and to help with everything needed.

I got from Mr. Dan Oates a T-shirt of SCIVIS, a gift that made me feel part of such an incredible organization, a t-shirt  I will always wear proudly.

As I was leaving the building, getting hugs from children and chaperones, seeing everybody saying good-bye letting their hearts speak, the phrase I saw printed in one of the walls, just came to my mind making me realize about its powerful meaning: “ Just because I can’t see the starts, doesn’t mean I can’t reach for them”.    Maybe children’s physical eyes couldn’t  see, but I am sure that besides experiencing the greatness of the universe, of being so close to the outerspace, they were able to see beyond what we normally see, their eyes walked through the bright door of hope, as their lives won’t ever be the same,  now they know nothing is impossible for them, they know they can do more than they ever imagined!!..  And I think this phrase applies to all of us, since we must see beyond what is in front of us and reach four our dreams, knowing God is in control and believing His words that say:  “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know”.  Jeremiah 33:3

 Jesus, our student,  was impressed to feel the special love of family in Christ!  Thank you all for opening your homes to us, for making our journey unique and  unforgettable!

Go and find Me site… comming soon!!!


We are working hard in order to raise the funds to complete the new school building.  A Go and Fund Me site will be launched soon.  As soon as it is ready, we will let you know so you can send it to as many people as possible!

Our very special thanks to Claire, Alex and Jackie for your hard work and for making this strategy come true!

Also, we are very grateful with the Cameron family (traveling from Houston)  and Neil for joining us in this very important meeting!


Dear Mr. Thompson:


I am back in my country and wanted to write about my experience at Space Camp, about what it meant to me!

First of all, I want to start giving you the thanks for opening this door to me, for letting me reach the stars!  Getting the scholarship from the St. Louis Lighthouse for the blind, is for me like a gift from heaven!  Thanks to this scholarship, I got the chance to fly for the first time in my life and to reach the starts that always looked so far away to me.

Being at the SCIVIS Space Camp was a unique experience, a very fun one!  It was great because besides everything I learnt,  I was able to make new friends who are visually impaired and need to say I love them,  even if we spoke different languages, we found a magic way to communicate!  It was such a wonderful experience that I still can’t believe it happened!

I loved all the simulators, the museum visits, the games, everything we learnt, the missions, and of course the food was awesome!!  I got the chance to eat so many different things, and my favorite are the harshbrown potatoes, with the shape of stars!

I loved spending time with my new friends, learning together, playing together, experiencing together.

I really enjoyed the simulators and the space missions, I actually felt as if I was in the moon!!!  I felt as if I was a true astronaut!

Everything at the camp was so inspiring to me and now I know that I can have a bright future and dream high!  For nothing is impossible with God!


May the Lord bless you richly,

JesúsCedeño, from Ecuador





Space Camp for Interested Visually Impaired Students


We wanted to thank you all for your prayers!    Jesus is traveling next Friday, September 18th and Pity is going with him as his chaperone.  Both will be back on Sunday, September 27th, after a 2 day stay in Atlanta, visiting our Whitefield family!

We are blessed to be sponsored by the St. Louis Lighthouse and will get the chance of meeting their Executive Director, Mr. John Thompson.  This organization is the one investing in us,  giving us both a full scholarship!  Jesus and his family still can’t believe this blessing came to their lives!!  The fact of traveling, of getting the chance to meet such wonderful people, of experiencing the greatness of space are so many gifts that we will treasure forever.

Through our journey, there were moments of lots of frustration due to our legal system, but at the same time, it was awesome to always feel so lovingly covered by the SCIVIS Space Camp, through their coordinator,  Mr. Dan Oates, who was always so very ready to help, and waited so patiently until we are ready,  always encouraging us even when the panorama to get the passport and visa didn’t look so good!   Mr. Oates’ words always arrived at the right time making Jesus and his mom never loose hope.

Trusting God, having that faith that can move mountains is the lesson we have again learnt, for nothing is impossible with God!  This lesson will remain in Jesus. his mom and 2 brothers forever!  They now are certain that God is with them and that He wants to see them walking in victory, regardless of their past!  Wait for our pictures and adventures at our return!

Our celebration to start the school year 2015 - 2016!

Our teachers organized a very funny sketch, dressing up as children, to represent what happens on the first school day… nervous kids, lots of indiscipline, kids not willing to follow rules… In this way, we reinforced with them what we expect from them, which are our rules, what are the consequences for disrupting in class.  Students and their parents enjoyed this moment a lot!

Workshop about the Cotopaxi Volcano, Presenting our plan in case of an eruption

Because of the activity of the volcano, we prepared our students, teachers and parents in order to know what to do in case of an eruption.  We all are praying for the people who has been affected.

Visit of the board members of Teachers 2 Teachers


Teachers 2 Teachers blesses our school by bringing professional teachers to train ours, their main focus is Math! Today, Friday, September 11th, their board visited us, visited the classrooms, got the chance to interact with our students, got some feedback about our experience with the teams and learnt more about us, about our story.  It was a wonderful blessing to have them here and can’t wait to receive the next team!

Being covered  by them  is extremely encouraging for everybody, but specially for our teachers, who always learn incredible new strategies to teach, in order to see all our students walk in victory!

Your comments, questions are very important for us!  Please write below your name and e-mail address and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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