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Carmen Bajo

Carmen Bajo, Northeast Outskirts of Quito, Ecuador

About the Area

Carmen Bajo is a marginal urban sector located in the North-Eastern part of  Quito and is conformed by the following neighborhoods: 18 de Septiembre, Altamira, Union Lojana, Ruperto Alarcón and Quintana. It has a population of approximately 20,000 inhabitants.



In 2002, Fundacion Amor y Esperanza (A&E) , CVI’s Ecuador partner, began a nursery in Carmen Bajo’s community. This nursery was started in a local CMA church of the community. In September 2003, A&E began a formal private Christian school beginning with kindergarten. This school received formal recognition from the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education in January 2004 and the school has added a grade per year since that time.  The school has just been recognized as 1 of 7 ACSI ( schools in Ecuador thanks to its partner school in Ecuador - The Alliance Academy.

Today, July 2015, Carmen Bajo’s projects  consist in:


Nursery: 80 Children

School: 245 Students (K-10th grade)

Teachers: 19 Full time teachers recognized by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education

Pastor: 1 full time pastor

Staff: 22 Community Mothers (kitchen, nursery, assistants, admin)


In order to help children study, we work finding sponsors for them.  Each sponsored kid receives

the following:


Christian Private Education:

Tuition: Student Sponsorship  $ 45.00

Tuition: Parents Payment  $ 30.00

Total cost $ 75.00


With the $75 per month, each student receives:

  • Quality Christian Education.
  • 2 Meals/day and 2 snacks.
  • Bilingual education - 2 hours per day.
  • Spiritual formation through daily devotionals.



Currently A&E provides jobs for 26 community mothers working at school and day cares, 11 community mothers working in the catering service project, 16 teachers, 4 staff people.


Spiritual Development

All teachers participate in daily devotionals in order to be spiritually equiped.  There is a team of commited christians in charge of preaching and Pity Zola leads the spiritual part, along with her husband.  Teachers participate in spiritual workshops and students have a weekly chapel service.  We start each week worshiping God!

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